Facilities and Equipment

Each and every vehicle is treated with the utmost care from the moment it arrives at AutoPaint RI's pristine facility.  All repairs are accomplished using established processes and procedures to ensure quality.  Vehicles requiring an overnight stay are stored inside our secured building.  Shown at left is our production oversight office with camera and job-tracking monitors that follow every step of the repair process.

Our state-of-the-art USI Italia down-draft spray booth, one of five down-draft spray areas at AutoPaint RI. The high-quality paint being precisely applied to this Mercedes ML320 will be baked at 170 degrees providing a durable finish that is both beautiful and long-lasting.
One of two specialized paint mixing rooms at AutoPaint RI stocked with a complete array of DuPont's German-made Spies Hecker solvent-based paints and clearcoats, in rack on right, and our computer controlled measuring and mixing system, left, allow our paint technicians to precisely match the color of any vehicle on the road today, foreign or domestic. Not shown is our second paint room which carries the complete line of BASF's newest water-based paints used as the original finish on today's exotics such as the Ford GT and Maybach. No matter what you drive, AutoPaint RI has the product and the skill necessary to match colors correctly and indistinguishably!
Three-stage special effect colors, like that which was a factory option on this 2006 Chevy Corvette, are an easy challenge for AutoPaint RI technicians.
Our Chief EZliner frame machine used in conjunction with our Chief Velocity computerized measuring system allows us to precisely measure and identify structural damage, which is not evident to the naked eye; and it allows our skilled, certified technicians to return your vehicle to safe, pre-accident factory specifications and tolerances.
A 2003 Ford Escape emerges from one of five USI Italia down-draft spray areas into our white-tiled detail area for final assembly, inspection, and preparation for delivery.
Smaller paint repairs are quickly and efficiently cured using high-tech portable infrared heating units.
A proud pair of Rosso Red Ferrari's in our detail area undergo final assembly, inspection, and testing.